Would you like to become a partner institution?


The BSUF Board must approve an institution before it can receive grants. The Headmaster of the institution must complete the BSUF Application Form. BSUF makes grants to public, private, sectarian, and non-sectarian schools, colleges, universities, and other educational, scientific and literary organizations in the British Commonwealth of Nations. If you have any questions about the application process, please  contact us at exec@bsuf.org.


The BSUF has two minimum requirements for every applying institution. First, while there is no fixed minimum, it is desirable that an institution have a U.S. constituency of 25 or more individuals.

Second, one of these constituents should be willing to serve as its U.S. Representative. In our experience, the individual chosen to represent an institution in the U.S. can make a big difference in the amount of support.  Download our suggested guidelines for choosing a representative. Please consult our Statement of Purposes and Policies for additional criteria used in approving institutions.